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Ulcinj, Montenegro Ulcinj, Ulqin, MontenegroUlcinj is situated in the far south of the Adriatic Coast on the same latitude as Barcelona and Rome. Together with the island of Hvar, it is characterised by having the largest number of sunny days in the Adriatic. According to the 2003 census, Ulcinj is inhabited by 26,492 people, with the following national composition: 72.14% Albanians; 11.93% Montenegrins; 7.44% Serbs; Bosniak Muslims and other nationalities 8.49%.


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From the ancient lllyrian settlement of the Bronze Age (testified to by a large number of archaeological finds), through the first written records after the lllyrian-Roman war (Pliny the Elder), to the present day, Ulcinj was targetted by both Greeks and Romans - it was a significant episcopal centre with 365 churches (the number of days in a year) in the episcopal town of Svac (Sas); the target of the Turks - a strong pirate core defying all Mediterranean naval empires of the time; to finally become the meeting-place of tourists from all over Europe and the world. Ulcinj is a historical and tourist mosaic.
With nearly 20 km of beaches, 15 of which are made of fine sand; over 6,000 hectares of arable land; with an olive grove of around 88,000 trees; with sand, mud and sulphur mineral waters having medicinal qualities (rated extremely highly by eminent local and international experts and institutes) - Ulcinj represents a respectable economic and tourist potential for the development of all types of tourism (luxury, nautical and health tourism), as well as agriculture as a comparable branch.

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